Kawamoto Toshihiro

Interview with Kanemori Yoshinori and Kawamoto Toshihiro, Otakon 2005

At Otakon 2005, Anime Secrets had the great and unexpected pleasure of being able to conduct an interview with character designers Kanemori Yoshinori and Kawamoto Toshihiro. Profiles of these two esteemed individuals can be found with the transcriptions of their respective panels linked above. This interview transcription includes questions posted by everyone present at the press conference style round robin, not just questions posed by the Anime Secrets representative.

Kanemori Yoshinori

Otakon 2005: Kanemori Yoshinori’s Panel

Kanemori Yoshinori has been a character designer for over twenty years now, predominantly working at Studio Madhouse. Debuting in 1985 with Gegege no Kitaro, Kanemori-san has since worked on such projects as Yawara!, Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals, the X TV series, and Card Captor Sakura: The Sealed Card. Just recently, Kanemori-san unveiled his debut work as a director: Alexander no Senki (Reign: the Conqueror). Despite twenty years in the industry, Kanemori-san’s career is just beginning, and the anime universe eagerly waits to see what he can do in his new role as a director.