The World is Still Beautiful: Episode 08-10 Review

Princess Nike is forgiven by Livius and is back in his good graces. The rival for her affections, Prince Bard, is still imprisoned by Livius’s command. Seeing Prince Bard as an important figure from Livius’s past, Nike works to help both Prince Bard and Livius to see past the bad memories they have together and move forward. Nike is called back to the Principality of Rain due to her ailing grandmother.

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The World is Still Beautiful: Episode 02-04 Review

I am utterly enthralled by The World is Still Beautiful. Princess Nike as a character is shaping up to be one of my favorite characters this season, and there’s no doubt why. She is the epitome of what all girls see in a princess, but she is also tough, brave, and intelligent. Although this sounds like a recipe for a Mary Sue, a character of complete perfection, there are flaws in her character that fit to the setting she’s placed in.

The World is Still Beautiful

The World is Still Beautiful: Episode 01 Review

Nike, the fourth princess of the Principality of Rain, has the ability to summon rain whenever she pleases. After losing a bet with her sisters, Nike must travel to the Sun Kingdom against her wishes. In order for her country to continue being autonomous, she is promised to wed the King of the Sun Kingdom, Livius I. When she arrives at the Sun Kingdom, Nike bids farewell to her escorts and enters the country alone. Soon realizing how different the Sun Kingdom is from her home, Nike passes out due to hunger, and is rescued from thieves by a pair of sisters.