The World is Still Beautiful: Episode 05-07

Also know as:  Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii
Streaming Allegiance: Crunchyroll
Reconnaissance Report by: Kara Turnbull
Progress: Episode 07

world is beautiful 5 -7Nike and Livius must announce their engagement to the Sun Kingdom through a ceremony conducted by the priests of the Sun God. When there is an attempt on Nike’s life, the truth is revealed, and they change traditions. With the nation accepting of Princess Nike, Livius’ affections for Nike also grow. However, some rivals and ill-timed moments now jeopardize Nike and Livius’ future happiness together.

The World is Still Beautiful is proving to be the most underrated anime of the season. I have not seen as much discussion on its merits as I have with other anime, yet it is proving, episode after episode, to come up with fresh plot twists and sweet, indulgent nuances. Although some tropes are a little overused, The World is Still Beautiful manages to keep things interesting and allow room for character growth.

I am starting to notice that the attempts at comedy are becoming more subtle and more effective. The expressions and reactions are more manga-like, with katakana showing up beside some character reactions for added effect, as well as speech bubbles with emoticons. I like this added effect, as it adds insight beyond character actions into the emotion of a scene. I would have loved to see this earlier on!

Although many comments on Crunchyroll express shock at the age difference between Livius and Nike, oddly enough, I don’t have a problem with it. Maybe it is because Livius is hardly sexualized beyond his sleeping in Nike’s bed (and doing not much else), and the fact that Livius acts far beyond his temporal age. He is Sun King, after all, and although he had a far more childlike nature early on, his time with Nike is allowing him to grow from a cold, ruthless child into a gracious and even-tempered king. Livius’ character growth makes me love this series even more. Maybe that is why their relationship doesn’t seem to be much of an issue to me.

We also have some rivals in these episodes, when a princess from another kingdom more suited to Liviusand from his childhoodappears. I love the way her presence serves as motivation for Nike to improve and become more ladylike in order to compete with her. I also love that it shows Nike as so well-suited to Livius, despite the more obvious choice.

I am not particularly pleased with Livius’ actions in episode seven, when it came to a rival for his affections with Nike. His behavior is bound to cause a major setback in their romance, and I was really enjoying the romantic scenes and watching a relationship blossom between the two. With a cliffhanger regarding how Nike and Livius will treat each other now that he has snapped, I am eagerly awaiting the next episode. After all, this is a romance story, and the season isn’t over yet. This couple hasn’t even exchanged wedding vows, and Nike’s family has yet to meet their daughter’s future groom! I haven’t rooted for a couple this much since Fruits Basket, and I’m on the edge of my seat, wondering about their future and what will be thrown their way next.

Score: 8.00/10.00