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The World is Still Beautiful: Episode 05-07

Nike and Livius must announce their engagement to the Sun Kingdom through a ceremony conducted by the priests of the Sun God. When there is an attempt on Nike’s life, the truth is revealed, and they change traditions. With the nation accepting of Princess Nike, Livius’ affections for Nike also grow.


Because You Smile When I Sing

Because You Smile When I Sing is a collection of five short stories by Natsuki Takaya, the creator of Fruits Basket. More specifically, the collection contains four dramas-Because You Smile When I Sing (a light love story about two teenagers who are picked on for how they look), Ding Dong (about how a girl adjusts to living with her stepmother and her father’s death), Voice of Mine (about how two talented violinists overcome their classmates’ jealousy and their own lack of confidence in themselves), Double Flower (a tale of how a strange male seamstress finds love; it has a fair share of comedy too)- and one comedy-Dark Princess (a light-hearted parody of Snow White).