Cosplayer Spotlight #10: Deanty

By Rizwan Merchant

Editor Note: Deanty is a recipient of an Honorable Mention in our Halloween Cosplay Contest 2013


Hatsune Miku Hijab Version
Hatsune Miku Hijab Version

Tell us a little about yourself.
Well um…My name is Deanty. I am 17 years old, an Indonesian cosplayer. I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia with my family. I’m still a beginner in cosplaying and need help for it. Hehe..


When did you start Cosplaying?
The first time is when I went to a Japanese Event named HOT Event, 4th November 2012.

What got you into cosplaying?

At first, I wasn’t really interested in cosplaying, just seeing it was enough for me. Then one day, my friend said to me that she wanted to cosplay, and I wanted to try cosplay too! I didn’t know what character I should cosplay, because I wear Hijab, so my friend gave me a picture of Hatsune Miku in Hijab that she got from DeviantArt. It was just so “wow” and inspired me. That’s what got me into cosplaying.

Rin Kagamine Hijab Version
Rin Kagamine Hijab Version

What is your favorite cosplay you’ve made (or worn)?
Actually, I’ve never made any costume…XD I usually order from an online shop. Of course, though, my most favorite character is Hatsune Miku.

How do you determine what characters to Cosplay?
First I have to see the costume – mostly is it a match or not in hijab – but mostly, I always cosplay the character of Hatsune Miku. I don’t know why I always cosplay her. Maybe because I feel such affinity to her and my friend agrees… .o.

Do you enjoy cosplaying?
Yup..I enjoy it because I love to do it..^w^)

Do you have any Dream Costumes you want to make or do?
Yes, I have. I  want to do an Original Character Cosplay, where I have to make the design by myself, but I haven’t done it yet though because I have a lot of Cosplay projects that I still want to do.

Out of all your costumes, which was the hardest to Fabricate? 

Snow Hatsune Miku Hijab Version
Snow Hatsune Miku Hijab Version

Uum.. Maybe Snow Miku 2014. I would like to cosplay her in 2014. I still have to think about the design; the costume is not like the default costume of Hatsune Miku, and I also have to think about price – it’s more expensive than my other costume.
What are some cosplays you are currently working on?
Right now, I am working on Senbonzakura costumes with my friend – I’m going as Miku.  I have to save my money for this costume…haha. It has to be ready before August comes.

Which costume are you looking forward to wearing in the future the most?
Snow Miku 2014. I really like the costume, so I included it in my 2014 projects. I’m really looking forward to it.

Do you think you will ever retire from Cosplaying?
Yes. Cosplaying is just one of my hobbies. I will “retire” some days to take a break just for a while.

Have you ever considered wearing costumes outside of conventions for daily wear?
No, of course. My costumes aren’t like casual costumes so I couldn’t wear them outside except for some events.

Do you fabricate/make your own costumes or buy them?
I buy them from an online shop that makes costumes for cosplay. I would like to make them myself but I can’t. I don’t have any skill for making costumes. I can make some accessories for my cosplay though! Like bracelets and necklaces.


In the World of Cosplaying

Snow Hatsune Miku Hijab Version
Snow Hatsune Miku Hijab Version

How do your personal views (religious, political, life style) affect your cosplays?
I’m a Muslim and I have to consider the obligations of my religion in my cosplays. I know I ruin the character but I can’t leave it. I want to cosplay but I should keep my hijab so I combine both, so that’s part of my process. I try to design my costumes so that I cover my whole body except for my palm and face.

What kind of reactions do you receive for your alterations and reinventions of character designs and attire?

I get a lot of bashing from people, but I’m getting used to it. Many people support my cosplay, though, so I’m happy and it makes me want to continue and get better in cosplay. 

How do you react to the attention your cosplays generate?
Unexpected. I never thought that it would be like this. I’m just cosplaying like anybody else. I didn’t think my cosplay would become famous on the internet since before me, there have been lots of hijab cosplayers. Maybe it’s because I am cosplaying Hatsune Miku, the icon of VOCALOID, and she’s the most famous character.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in cosplay?
Sometimes I feel uncomfortable from what people say about my cosplay. Because you know, not every single person will like my hijab cosplay. But I understand it so i’m used to it.

What are some of your favorite moments cosplaying?

When you win a contest that you attend, it’s really like, “God, thank you so much!” And when you know that many people love your cosplay, and make many friends… Cosplay has changed my life.


Minion from Despicable Me Hijab Version
Minion from Despicable Me Hijab Version

Do you or have you participate in any contests? (Convention, online, etc)
Yes. I have participated in Cosplay Dance Contest a month ago and I won the second place XD… Online, I have done some Cosplay Picture Contest, including domestic and international.

Have you won any awards if so what or which?
On May 4th 2013, I won a Cosplay Dance Constest once, and an award from a Cosplay Event, Pre-CLAS:H nominations for The Best 5 Miku.

What was the first event/convention you went to?
The first event is Ennichisai that was held 31th June-1 July 2012. It’s the biggest event I’ve ever joined. I feel like I’m really in Japan! We called it Little Tokyo. And I am really looking forward to it this year, next year and so on.

What is your standing on Handmade vs Store bought cosplay?
Many of cosplayers’ costumes are handmade but not all the handmade costumes are good quality because it depends on their skill. For store bought cosplay, I think the quality is more guaranteed. But they can’t be made to order. I have experienced buying costumes both ways.

How do you feel about those who Cosplay getting into character? Do you get in Character as well?
We have to be professional in anything we do. So I’ll do my best to get myself into the character. But I don’t do that all the time. When I chat with my friends, laugh and joke with them, I should get in my own character, haha

Is there anyone you always wanted to meet and have a photoshoot with?
YES!! Kaname and Yuegene… I really love their cosplay. I really want to meet them, too! I have met, taken a photo with and chatted with Kaname once, but I think it’s not enough… Haha

Personal Experiences

Hatsune Miku Hijab Version
Hatsune Miku Hijab Version

Can you share a few tips for beginners from your experience?
Well, I’m also a beginner but I’ve learned many things from my friends who have been into cosplay longer than I have. You must have the intention to cosplay and choose the character that you really want to cosplay. Don’t ever think that your face doesn’t suit the character.  Just enjoy it and learn how to do make up. 

What are the positives and negatives of Cosplaying in your opinion?
The positive sides of cosplaying are that we can make more friends with the same hobby or interests. We can share our experiences, stories, or anything. About the negative sides, I remember something; a photographer said that the behavior of cosplayers in the past and present are different. In the past, they had good behavior – friendly, know how to thank and were welcoming to each other. It’s different now,  they do a lot of competition to be the best, the most famous and not all of them welcome each other. 

How do you deal with negative and positive feedback on your costumes?
Both negative and positive feedback are balanced to me. Some people say that my costumes are weird and something like that. But some of them say “ Wow..creative. I like it.” I just have to do my best. That’s all. I appreciate both of them.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring Cosplayers?
Don’t be upset because of criticisms that people give to you. Make it all into a lesson for your cosplay and learn from it.

Outside of Cosplaying

Do you have any hobbies other then Cosplaying?
Yes. I like singing, dancing, cooking, and playing video games.

Do you have any helpers (pets) that often ‘help’?
Pets? .o.)a I don’t have any pets, unfortunately.  Months ago I had lots of hamsters, but all of them died ._. So sad, huh? Yeah..

Is there anything you do outside of Cosplaying that give you ideas of what to do for a costume?
hen I study at school, ideas just come that way. My head gets filled with many ideas for my next project.

Final Words to the Readers

Hatsune Miku Hijab Version
Hatsune Miku Hijab Version

““Cosplay” It doesn’t matter what religion you are.” I got this caption from Thai Cosplay fan page on facebook. They submitted one of my photos to their page. I know that in cosplay, we shouldn’t take our religion with us. I know that I ruin the character but I do what someone like me can do regardless.  And I keep my beliefs in my heart.”


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