Galilei Donna – First Impressions

Streaming Allegiance: Crunchyroll
Reconnaissance Report by: Kuroi
Progress: Episode 1

galileo donna posterFrom its description, Galilei Donna has the potential to be either amazing or a glorious train wreck: three moons, inhabiting the female bodies of Galileo’s descendants, are pursued by international agencies.

We start off in space, with some pretty sweet looking ships and mecha action, as well as factories being attacked, important pieces being stolen, and cities being blown up. And then, suddenly, we have a loli…with a transforming lunchbox rocket scooter. Cue a chase scene through the city, with weird men in black creeping on and grabbing the other girls, until the girls all stage an epic escape. It turns out they belong to the Ferrari family (because no other name screams Italian like ‘Ferrari’), and are descendants of Galileo. And so far, it turns out that the “moons” are nothing more than the girls’ names.

Houzuki, the loli, is a budding mechanic with her own lab and a warehouse of inventions, including the transforming rocket scooter. Kazuki, the middle child, is a quiet kuudere, whom we don’t know much about yet. Hazuki, the eldest, is a law student, or at least a law student hopeful, and is the show’s take on the quintessential spirited Italian woman.

The girls’ parents are kind of adorable, spouting facts about Galileo and science as foundations for their arguments in scolding their daughters (or anyone else, for that matter).

So far, the show appears to be about a bunch of bounty hunters after Galileo’s inheritance, which, for a show that seems to be pretty on top of Galileo’s history, seems somewhat out of place. Given that he lived in the 16th century and ended his life under house arrest, he was unlikely to have left any sort of inheritance other than the legacy of his knowledge, so…we’ll see.

Galilei Donna is a strange mix of space war, international espionage, and moe. From the ending, it looks almost like a slice of life aboard a spaceship. If nothing else, I am definitely intrigued, and more hopeful than I was at the start.

Score: 7.50/10.00