Is the Order a Rabbit?: Episode 05-07 Review

Also known as: GochiUsa, Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka
Streaming Allegiance: Crunchyroll
Reconnaissance Report by: Jessica Craven
Progress: Episode 07

Desu Ka BannerAs I’ve mentioned before, the plot for this series is rather loose, so it can be somewhat difficult to summarize. In episode 05, the girls practice for an athletic tournament that will take place at their school. Rize also works for the other cafes part-time in order to buy her father something really nice for father’s day. During episode 06, Chino gets a bit jealous when a couple of other girls come by the Rabbit House Cafe to help out Cocoa and Rize. However, she meets a novelist named Aoyama who helps her feel better about the situation. Aoyama later reveals that the owner of Rabbit House Cafe (Tippy, when he was human) inspired her to write her best-selling novel and that she hopes to see him again soon. During episode 07, the girls work some jigsaw puzzles. Later that day, the other girls finally stumble upon Sharo’s secret: that she is a poor scholarship student. Aoyama appears again briefly.

I found episode five to be primarily dull. The story line was simply mundane. However, I found episode six to be the more interesting episode thus far, primarily because I really like Aoyama. She’s a very eccentric, spacy character, but she’s proven herself to be very wise and I am curious about her. I really hope she will meet Tippy again soon although he is indeed a rabbit now. I feel like she might be odd enough to readily accept it. The main characters also gain a fair amount of depth throughout episodes six and seven. Before now, the majority of them (besides Rize and Chiya) all sort of blended together in my head – they seemed the same. However, Chino’s discussion with Aoyama in episode six provides greater insight into her mentality, and Sharo’s accidental revelation of her secret in episode seven liberated her in a sense. Relatively speaking, the characters are still a little flat, but they feel familiar. This sort of series is kind of like casually conversing with friends in everyday situations; it’s not incredibly engaging but it’s a relaxing watch. I think it’s gotten marginally better since my last review, but I think my score for the last review was a little inflated.

Score: 7.25/10.00