Is the Order a Rabbit?: Episode 08-10 Review

Also known as: GochiUsa, Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka
Streaming Allegiance: Crunchyroll
Reconnaissance Report by: Jessica Craven
Progress: Episode 10

OrderRabbit9a-255x260“Moe” anime is a pretty broad term, but Is the Order a Rabbit? is that particular type of moe series that has always confused me. The shows is classified as seinen, so is primarily directed at older men (who are assumed to enjoy the “woman child” archetype). However, the vast majority of episodes are completely tasteful and don’t really exploit the archetype at all.  Except for episode 08, which just got…awkward. The majority of it takes place at a swimming pool, and there’s very little plot, unless you count uncomfortable camera angles on the characters breasts. That’s really all there was to that…Later on in the episode, the girls go see the movie based on Aoyama’s book.

Episode nine involves the unlikely situation of Rize getting cast as Christine in Phantom of the Opera. She turns to Chiya for advice on how to act more ladylike for her part. Aoyama also finally comes to the Rabbit House, and is finally reunited with “the master” that she so admires (Tippy), although she does not recognize him in rabbit form. It was a really heartwarming scene.

In episode 10, Cocoa sleeps over at Chiya’s to study for exams. They are pretty worried about their exams, so Sharo comes over to help them, but after a while they get tired and instead start goofing off. The way they interact with each other is really natural and it is clear that they have grown very close.

The funny thing about  Is the Order a Rabbit? is that its quality is inconsistent and you never really know what to expect. While episode 8 was really awkward for me, I found Rize’s ordeal in episode 9 to be quite funny, and Aoyama’s scenes both heartwarming and interesting. Episode 10 was especially heartwarming for me-it reminded me of some of my own childhood memories. The only thing about the series that is really consistent is Aoyama’s quirkiness. I love all of her scenes.

Score: 6.75/10.00