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The Recession is Over, and You Should Thank the Fangirls Part 2

It’s also easy to say we should thank the male fans who bought Dragonball Z fifteen times over and buy the premium boob-shaped box sets of harem series, but I don’t believe they were enough on their own to stem the tide of the industry’s downturn, and they certainly weren’t the only viable sustaining customers in the companies’ minds. And this holds true both for North America AND Japan.

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Cosplayer Spotlight #19: Cat-chan Cosplay

I’m Cat-chan and I’m a cosplayer. I love making costumes and attending cons all over the country! (but mostly in Texas). I am a professional graphic designer by day, specializing in digital design for multi-touch platforms. I am also a bit of a couch potato and love watching TV and reading manga. I have two very frisky cats (Karma and Yourichi) and a wonderful Husband I enjoy spending most of my time with.