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The Recession is Over, and You Should Thank the Fangirls Part 2

It’s also easy to say we should thank the male fans who bought Dragonball Z fifteen times over and buy the premium boob-shaped box sets of harem series, but I don’t believe they were enough on their own to stem the tide of the industry’s downturn, and they certainly weren’t the only viable sustaining customers in the companies’ minds. And this holds true both for North America AND Japan.



The story of Psycho-Pass takes place in Japan in the year 2113. Akane Tsunemori has recently assigned to Unit One of the Criminal Investigation Division in the Ministry of Welfare’s Public Safety Bureau, and is tasked with hunting down criminals with the other members of Unit One, apprehending them, and, if needed, eliminating them on the spot. As Akane and her team take down more and more criminals, they begin to notice a subtle connection between all of them, and eventually become entangled in not only the web of the criminal mastermind known only as “Makishima”, but a conspiracy involving the criminal justice system itself.