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One Week Friends: Episode 01 Review

One Week Friends is a bittersweet shoujo story of friendship and understanding that follows Yuki Hase as he attempts to befriend his classmate, the quiet and withdrawn Kaori Fujimiya. Fujimiya, however, isn’t so keen on entertaining friendships because she suffers from a memory problem that resets her memory every Monday, forcing her to start over each week.


Digimon Xros Wars 02: Young Hunters

A year has passed since the epic battle between Kudo Taiki and his army Xros Heart against the evil Bugra Army. In that time, Taiki and Yuu have started a basketball team bearing the name of their old army and recruited a new member named Akashi Tagiru. However, one day Tagiru comes across the DigiQuartz and meets the digimon Gumdramon. Together, the two join the Digimon Hunt in DigiQuartz under the mentorship of Taiki and Yuu.


Digimon Tamers

Takato Matsuda is just another avid fan of the Digimon card game and television series. One day while playing the card game with his friends, he discovers the blue card. Upon swiping the card, his card reader is transformed into a D-Arc, and his fanart drawings of a Digimon named Guilmon are brought to life. Takato is not the only child chosen to be a Digimon Tamer; he is soon joined by Tamers Ruki Matsuno and Jiangliang Lee, and their partners Renamon and Terreirmon. However, trying to conceal the Digimon’s appearances in the real world is only the start of their problems, as other Digimon pass into the real plane from the Digital World. The Tamers now must put aside their differences to fend off the intruders before the enigmatic organization Hypnos and its leader, Yamaki, destroy all the Digimon—including the Tamers’ partners. Can the children bond together in time to prevent the imminent doom?

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Otakon Vegas 2013 to Welcome Richard Epcar

Otakon Vegas welcomes one of the hardest working actor/directors in show business, having voiced over 300 characters in Games, Animation and Anime. He is best known as the voice of Batou in Ghost in the Shell, The Joker in several Batman games including Injustice: Gods Among Us and Ansem in Kingdom Hearts.