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Ellyn Stern Epcar

Ellyn Stern is a classically trained actress, voice actress, director and writer, whose career spans from film, to television, to stage. She is widely known for her voice work and the wide range of characters she has played. She has done hundreds of characters.

Fujoshi Feminism

The Four Horsemen of the Patriarchy: Part 5 Touga

Despite their positions of power, the members of the Student Council are largely self-destructive. Saionji has no control of his emotions, to the extent that it leads to his eventual downfall at the end of the Student Council arc. Miki is so idealistic and naïve that it poisons his relationships with those who don’t adhere to his views. Juri’s cynicism blinds her to the potential in others. Utena is able to defeat them not necessarily because of her own talent, but because of their fatal flaws.


Kill la Kill: Episode 02 – 11 Review

I’ll be totally honest: after the first episode of Kill la Kill, I watched the second and gave up hope of having the motivation to go on. I just wasn’t very interested. The plot was lacking, the characters were god-awful obnoxious, and the fan service was too blatant to be taken seriously.

New in Japan

Yowamushi Pedal – First Impressions

The start of high school always means selecting a club for new students. For Onoda Sakamichi, it seems like an easy choice. Being a closet otaku to whom Akihabara is the promised land, and wanting nothing more than to have friends he can talk about anime and manga with, it’s definitely be the anime club.