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Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Episodes 5-7 Review

As much as I hate to say it, with so many lovable and colorful characters, even a series as meta as Nozaki-kun can start to feel predictable in its gags after a while. After all, those who are genre-savvy enough – or, at least, familiar enough with the series – can guess what it is they can expect once the premise has been introduced.

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-Kun

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Episodes 02-04 Review

While a series that leans against the fourth wall and pokes fun at a specific manga genre isn’t exactly anything special to write home about (though I seriously beg to differ in the case of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun), when it comes to its cast, this show has the ‘colorful and interesting cast’ part in spades. Episodes 2 through 4 are pretty much dedicated to introducing new cast members, each one just as interesting and unique as the next.

Captain Earth

Captain Earth: Episode 20-22 Review

The final confrontation is at hand for Captain Earth. There were a few surprises here and there to be had, but the series is still wrapping things up for the most part, and there were some resolutions that seemed to be surprisingly rushed that could have been spread out more evenly across episodes.

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Captain Earth: Episode 17-19 Review

The story is moving quickly to the final battle in Captain Earth. The perpetually arrogant kiltgang, now thoroughly frustrated by humanity’s fierce resistance, conspire to launch an all-out offensive to take the planet once and for all.


Is the Order a Rabbit?: Episode 08-10 Review

“Moe” anime is a pretty broad term, but Is the Order a Rabbit? is that particular type of moe series that has always confused me. The shows is classified as seinen, so is primarily directed at older men (who are assumed to enjoy the “woman child” archetype). However, the vast majority of episodes are completely tasteful and don’t really exploit the archetype at all.

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Tiger and Bunny: Rad and Bad Anime Dads

Since its inception, the superhero genre has been the playground of the male power fantasy. With their extraordinary abilities, superheroes exert control in an uncontrollable world. They function outside the law and society, beholden only to an honor code they impose upon themselves. Instead of being limited by their tragic backstories, they rise above them and seek to right the wrongs the villains of the world committed against them.