Is the Order a Rabbit?: Episode 02-04 Review

Also known as: GochiUsa, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka
Streaming Allegiance: Crunchyroll
Reconnaissance Report by: Jessica Craven
Progress: Episode 04

Usagi desu kaAt this point in the series, we are introduced to Chiya, Cocoa’s classmate, and her friend, Sharo. Chiya works at another coffee shop with a rabbit mascot, Ama Usa An, and Sharo works at an herbal tea cafe known as Fleur de Lapin.

Episode two is rather slow-paced; it is mainly character introductions and the girls learning how to make bread for Rabbit House cafe. However, it picks up a bit in episode three with the girls investigating Sharo when they think she may be working at a shady place. Episode four involves fortune-telling, and further develops relationships between characters.

The whole “secret” behind Tippy, the rabbit, seems to have been dropped…I really hope it will be addressed later, because I think it is an intriguing aspect of the plot. I also think the introduction of another cafe with a rabbit mascot takes away from the uniqueness of initial one. The characters also started to lose a little of the personality I praised after episode one. However, it picked back up about halfway through episode four. The biggest downfall of this series is that it does not follow a tight storyline or chronology, so episodes can greatly vary in their ability to hold interest. When it is on its game though, I really love the series. And the theme songs are really catchy.

Score: 7.75/10.00