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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

The Donkey Kong Country series has always been a franchise that has been loved by the Nintendo faithful. The series has never been known for its breathtaking stories, though having the story this time not revolve around the theft of Donkey Kong’s banana horde is a bit of fresh air. Tropical Freeze introduces a new group of villains to the Donkey Kong lineup: the Snomads, a group of Viking-themed animals.

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The son of General Teo McDohl, the Scarlet Moon Empire’s greatest war hero, had always lived under the shadow of his father’s reputation. That all changed the day Teo was sent into battle in the north, leaving his son at home to start his own military career in his father’s absence. With the assistance and guidance of several family friends, the son dutifully went on several missions issued to him by his Imperial superiors. During these expeditions, however, it became apparent that the Empire had grown corrupt and oppressive towards the common subjects, and the son secretly questioned his allegiance. His misgivings would eventually lead to outright rebellion when he and his like-minded allies joined forces with an underground resistance group. Thus began their desperate war of independence to overthrow the powerful, tyrannical monarchy.

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PRINNY: Can I Really Be The Hero?

Nippon Ichi has made a real name for itself with a library of highly entertaining games, and this one is no exception. Coming off the popularity of the tactical RPG Disgaea series, this spinoff focuses primarily on the lowliest of lowly minions: the prinny.