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World Cosplay Summit US Finals 2014!

There is excitement in the air in the world of cosplaying this weekend, as the 2014 World Cosplay Summit US Finals will be taking place this Sunday at Anime Central in Chicago, Illinois. Anime Secrets is proud to be working with the World Cosplay Summit US Staff to bring in-depth coverage on all the finalists competing this weekend. The competition is looking really stiff, and it is extremely difficult to root for just one team.


Cosplayer Spotlight #27: Phaleure Cosplay

I’m Lauren, a self-proclaimed jack-of-all trades. By day, I work as a chemical engineer building training simulators for power plants. By night, I am a costume-making, cupcake-baking, game-playing, corgi-taming lover of life and things!

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Cosplayer Spotlight #19: Cat-chan Cosplay

I’m Cat-chan and I’m a cosplayer. I love making costumes and attending cons all over the country! (but mostly in Texas). I am a professional graphic designer by day, specializing in digital design for multi-touch platforms. I am also a bit of a couch potato and love watching TV and reading manga. I have two very frisky cats (Karma and Yourichi) and a wonderful Husband I enjoy spending most of my time with.