Wally Wingert Exclusive Interview

Interview by Psycho Red Cosplay

wally_wingertIf you had a chance to design a newer generation of Psycho Ranger to be used in future series, would you? If so, would it be like the original designs?…what color?
I would design a newer team of Psycho Rangers to each have special weapons that may not necessarily be useful in a children’s TV show. One has a flame weapon, one has a slice-n-dice weapon, one has a collection of armaments, one deals with bombs, one deals with sharp throwing knives, etc. Let’s kick up the danger element and see how psycho these rangers REALLY are!

Do you have a favorite season of PR? If so, which one and why?
Power Rangers was never a show I watched regularly so I would have to say my favorite season was the one with the Psycho Rangers, for purely selfish reasons.

When you play Psycho Blue, is there any particular trait about yourself that helps you stay in character?
When I recorded the dialogue for Blue Psycho I had just come off a four year job doing Beetlejuice at Universal Studios Hollywood. I put a lot of the Beetlejuice craziness into the voice for Psycho Blue, since it was so fresh in my mind. But now that I listen back to the voice recordings for Psycho Blue, I realize that it was The Riddler in development. The voice would later be tweaked by me, quite unconsciously, and become the Riddler. Another psycho, but maybe not quite as boisterous.

What were your relations to the other Psycho Rangers off the set?
Since we all recorded separately, I never saw the other Psycho Rangers. In fact, I still don’t think I know the names of the other actors who voiced the other Psycho Rangers. If you know, can you please enlighten me? I’d love to finally know!

psycho_blue_rangerWhat was it like, being able to voice one of the most baddest villains in PR history?
Voicing Psycho Blue was fun, but getting the privilege of being involved in one of the greatest TV franchises in history was a true honor!

What are your thoughts, on the heavy censorship that went between the the original Japanese version, and the American version? (IE: No blood or cursing, even psycho blue’s personality was toned down for American audiences.)
As I mentioned before, I would love to see just how “psycho” the Psycho Rangers could be, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for a children’s show. I understand how certain violent elements has to be toned down for a 6 year old audience. And I understand that they can’t come off as being too scary or threatening. But now that those kids have grown older, but their interest in these characters haven’t waned, I think it would be fun to see how their new adult minds would interpret new Psycho Rangers.

Would you object to any plans of the Psychos making a comeback in the current power rangers series or any future series to mix it up with newer rangers?
I would love nothing more than to see the Psycho Rangers make a return appearance. But hopefully have a much bigger, more intense role in the story arc.

psycho rangersWhen the Psychos came back for Lost Galaxy, was there a particular reason that the metallic voice effect was not used?
Since I’m not a sound mixer, I have no idea why they didn’t use certain vocal effects on the characters for the final mix. It may have just been the case that it was a new mixer for a new show, and he didn’t choose to mix it that way. Sound design for a show differs from individual to individual. Sorry I don’t have more info about that.

Did you have a favorite line that Psycho Blue said?
It was pointed out recently on Youtube that Psycho Blue said something about “being smarter than you.” And years later the same voice actor (me) would go on to voice The Riddler in the Batman Arkham series, who would constantly remind Batman that…”I’m smarter than you.” Irony! I love it!

If they asked you, would you consider making an appearance at Power Morphicon 2016?
I would love to come to Power Morphicon 2016, but only if ALL the Psycho Ranger Voice Actors were there too. And it would be great to have a whole team of screen-accurate cosplayers doing the entire Psycho Ranger team. WOW!