Oni-Con 2004

Houston, Texas, USA. October 22nd – 24th 2004. Reporter(s): Drake, Zoomi Greetings everyone, Agent Zoomi and myself have taken some time from

The Macaque

Animecon 3 / Finncon 2004

This is the the story of our brave posse of three (myself and my two friends Pauli and Tomi) going to the third anime related con here in Finland, aptly named Animecon 3. I live in the capital Helsinki (located on the southern coast of Finland), and the trip up north to the city of Jyvaskyla, where the con was arranged this year, takes about 5 hours in one direction. This year Animecon was arranged in connection with Finncon……


Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines

Genre: Action Adventure Platform(s): PSP Allegiance: Griptonite Games and Ubisoft Montreal Vintage: 2009 Rating: M Intelligence Agency Report by: Shadow Several months have passed since Altair


Buso Renkin

On the way home from school one night, Kazuki Muto unwillingly walks in on a monster attacking a girl, and he is stabbed in the heart while trying to save her. Turns out the girl, Tokiko, is an Alchemic Warrior tasked with the duty of destroying monsters known as homunculi with her Buso Renkin (alchemic weapon), Valkyrie Skirt. In order to save Kazuki’s life, Tokiko inserts an alchemic device—a Kakugane


Alice 19th

Sometimes, words spoken are more powerful than what the speaker originally intended. Alice Seno realizes this when she wishes her older sister to never show her face again. Now, her sister is immersed in the darkness of the Maram words, lost to the real world. Alice must master the Lotis words – good encouraging words – together with her sister’s crush Kyo in order to save her sister.

Dave K

Creating Costumes – Halloween Special 2004

Everyone dresses up for Halloween, or at least they did when they were a kid. And what was it that you wanted to be? Outside of the traditional clowns, death and vampires, most kids would want to be a character from their favourite TV show, which was usually a cartoon, or comic book. These days there are kids dressing up as characters from anime and video games as well. So we’re going to go into a little more depth on how you can properly make and choose your costume. And give you some pretty pictures along the way.