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Haikyuu!! Episode 02-04 Review

Haikyuu!!’s strength lies in its cast – with Hinata’s inexperience comes an easy set-up to explain volleyball terms and techniques, but it’s his enthusiasm and pure love for the game that shines through and makes it clear that the series will be about Karasuno’s growth as a whole team.


Mobile Suit Gundam Wing by Rizwan Merchant

Back during the old Toonami era, there were a few anime titles that stuck out to me as really good and served as my gateway into the anime world. One of these series was Gundam Wing. While growing up I enjoyed this anime quite a bit, but looking back I have to marvel at how time can change one’s perspective.

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World Cosplay Summit US Finals 2014!

There is excitement in the air in the world of cosplaying this weekend, as the 2014 World Cosplay Summit US Finals will be taking place this Sunday at Anime Central in Chicago, Illinois. Anime Secrets is proud to be working with the World Cosplay Summit US Staff to bring in-depth coverage on all the finalists competing this weekend. The competition is looking really stiff, and it is extremely difficult to root for just one team.

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Aniplex to bring Sword Art Online II Guests to Anime Expo

Aniplex of America Inc. has just announced that multiple guests from the animation series Sword Art Online will be attending Anime Expo 2014 in Los Angeles as Guests of Honor: Reki Kawahara (Author) and abec (Original Illustration and Character Design Concept). Both guests will be participating in panels, autograph sessions and special events throughout Anime Expo weekend.

Cosplayer Spotlight

Cosplayer Spotlight #28: Envel Cosplay

Hello, my name is Jo! I work full-time as a floor manager for JoAnn: Fabrics and Crafts. Among the things I love are sewing, general crafting, wig-styling, designing, prop-building, and makeup (not necessarily always in that order!). If it’s creating garments, jewelry, or just big messes, I love it!


Cosplayer Spotlight #27: Phaleure Cosplay

I’m Lauren, a self-proclaimed jack-of-all trades. By day, I work as a chemical engineer building training simulators for power plants. By night, I am a costume-making, cupcake-baking, game-playing, corgi-taming lover of life and things!

The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic High School: Episode 02 – 04 Review

After putting it off for a few weeks, I finally mustered up the energy to watch the next three episodes of The Irregular at Magic High School. As you would remember from my first article on the series, I was really bored with the characters and story, and the show’s saving grace was pretty animation. Things thankfully begin to change slightly after the first episode, but not as much as I hoped.


An Insider’s Look at Japan: The Squat Toilet

I remember the first time I went into the women’s bathroom and saw two of my new coworkers lined up, waiting for a toilet…even though two stalls were empty. There was nothing wrong with the toilets. My co-workers were simply reluctant to use what they called (in nervous, giggly voices) the “squatty potty.”